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Welcome to the Register of Deeds of Clark County

All of us who work at the Register of Deeds are proud of our reputation as an innovative, customer friendly operation. We look forward to serving you.

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Minimize Our Purpose
Our purpose is to preserve and maintain the land records of Clark County. Our goal is to serve the public and provide information in a friendly and effective manner.

Minimize Our Office

The Register of Deeds office is the office where all transactions concerning land including deeds, mortgages, and liens are recorded and maintained so that the public is made aware of their existence. Many other documents are recorded in this office, including leases, plats, military discharges, power of attorney documents, easements, and affidavits. In addition, the Register of Deeds office houses some school and cemetery records. This office also files Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) fixture filings. In 2005 our office is pleased to announce that we started scanning/imaging all documents presented to the office for recording.

Minimize Open Records

This office is governed by the Kansas Open Records Act. Almost all records in the Register of Deeds office are required by law to be open to public inspection during regular business hours. The exceptions are the Kansas Real Estate Sales Validation Questionnaires and military discharge records, which are open to authorized persons.

Maximize Fees

Maximize General Recording Requirements

Minimize What We Can Do
  • Record properly prepared documents
  • Provide information of property ownership and mortgages
  • Assist in genealogical research

Minimize What We Cannot Do
  • Prepare legal documents or provide legal advice
  • Determine if title is good and clear
  • Provide sale price of land transactions

Register of Deeds

Brenda Ketron, 
Register of Deeds


Missy Cramer,
Deputy Register of Deeds

Business Hours

Monday thru Friday
8:30-Noon & 1:00-4:30, 

Contact Information
Physical Address:
913 Highland
Ashland, KS 67831

Mailing Address:
PO Box 222
Ashland, KS 67831

Phone: (620) 635-2812
Fax: (620) 635-2393

The Register of Deeds Office is here to assist you. Please call our office or stop in and we will do our best to help find the information you require. If we are unable to help you, we will suggest other sources of information that might be useful.


Frequently Asked Questions
What is a deed?
A deed is a document that transfers the ownership of real estate. There are many forms of deeds. Warranty deeds and quit claim deeds are among two of the most common forms used. A warranty deed is a guarantee from the buyer to the seller that he has a good, clear title, and guarantees that previous owners or heirs have no interest in the property. A quit claim deed is used to release the name of a person who may have interest in or claim to the property.

Can I make out my own deed?
Yes, but the Register of Deeds and staff always recommend that you retain an attorney or title company. The Register of Deeds office is a recording agency and cannot prepare deeds or answer questions that pertain to legal matters.

Does the Register of Deeds only record real estate records?
Besides deeds, mortgages, etc., the Register of Deeds also records powers of attorney, corporation records, affidavits, and UCC's to name a few. The Register of Deeds also has custody of some of the public school records. The Register of Deeds also records military discharge papers for safekeeping. The recording and any certified copies needed of your discharge papers are always provided with no fee.

Can the Register of Deeds do a title search and tell me if I have clear title to my property?
No. Professional title examiners or abstractors search records in our office and other places such as district court, probate court, and federal courts to determine if your title is free of encumbrances.

What is a lien?
As a property owner, you may owe money to various creditors. A lien is filed by creditors to prevent property from being sold or mortgaged until the lien is satisfied. There are many types of liens such as for non-payment of taxes and mechanics liens. Mechanics liens for construction or labor are filed in the District Court's Office. Mechanics liens on personal property are filed in the Register of Deeds office as a UCC.

You can go to the Kansas Register of Deeds Homepage to download any forms you need.