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Jeremy McCully, RMA
Debbie Trahern, Deputy Appraiser
Mandy Ramirez, Field Appraiser

8:30-noon & 1:00-4:30, Monday - Friday

Contact Information

Physical Address:
913 Highland
Ashland, KS 67831

Mailing Address:
PO Box 727
Ashland, KS 67831

Phone: (620) 635-2142
Fax: (620) 635-2244

Minimize County Appraiser's Duties

It is the duty of the County Appraiser to value equitably and at fair market value all property identified as of January 1 of each year. This involves first determining if the property is taxable. Unless specifically exempted by the State of Kansas or by the State Board of Tax Appeals, all tangible assets, land and buildings and personal property in the State are taxable. The property must be accurately valued at its fair market value. Fair market value is the amount of money a well-informed buyer and a well-informed seller would accept for property in an open and competitive market without any outside influence.

An important thing to remember is that Appraisers do not create value.

People actually determine value by their transactions in the market place. The Appraiser simply has the legal responsibility to analyze those transactions and appraise individual properties based upon what is happening in the market place.

The Appraisers Office does not determine taxes, but instead determines only the market value of the property. The amount of taxes each taxpayer pays is determined by all the taxing agencies, i.e., city, county, school districts, etc. and depends on the amount of taxes needed to provide all the services the taxpayers require. The assessed value is determined by multiplying the fair market value of the property, as determined by the county appraiser’s office, by the assessment rate as outlined in the State Constitution.

If you have any questions about your real estate values, please call (620) 635-2142.


Property Tax Calendar
January 1 -
Real Property Valuation Date
Personal Property Renditions Mailed to Property Owners

March 1 -
Real Estate Property Change of Value Notices (CVN) mailed to all real property owners (Unless extension granted)

March 15 -
Personal Property Renditions due
(Late Filing Penalties begin after this date)

30 Days -
Real Property Appeal period is 30 days from date of your Change of Value
(You have the right to file an appeal during this time)

April 1 -
Oil and Gas Renditions due
(Late Filing Penalties begin after this date)

May 1 -
Personal Property Appraised Values Mailed

May 10 -
Second half taxes due for previous year – New for 2003 Taxes
(Second half payment under protest available)

May 15 -
Deadline for filing Personal Property Valuation Appeal
Informal Valuation Conferences Completed

May 20 -
Date for mailing decisions on Informal Conferences

June 1 -
Appraiser certifies Appraisal and Personal Property Tax Rolls to County Clerk

November 1 - 15 -
Mailing of tax bill to property owners

December 20 -
First half payment for current year taxes due
First half payment under protest available